A considered life demands more than just serving the idea of a designer home.

We believe in the transformative effects of the graceful arc of a wingback armchair opposite a sky-high bookshelf of favorite novels, the texture and the luster of perfectly aged tobacco-hued leather, and the lingering perfume of your signature scent. It’s the life you live in between spaces and objects.

Jules Bain, creative director + owner

We need to restore the connection between modernity and graceful living. Our schedules may be fast-moving and full, but what we come home to should give us pleasure and take away the complexity of the day’s concerns. Modern life is made up of departures and returns as we fast-track between airports and hotels, or as we run between work and errands. And then the return home. Life—reflected in each color, object, smell and reminiscence of the past, what each day brings, and plans for the future—all collide and take form in the place we call home. I look for the beauty in the quiet corners. The tension between abundant and effacing is where I find inspiration and the rest is up to you—your life, loves, celebrations, and spirit. I am most intrigued by life’s eccentricities and the patina of a space where design tells the story of a client’s life.

dalen thompson, project specialist

I grew up in an environment that encouraged and cultivated creativity, so I love being a part of this dynamic design team. Contributing to the execution of a design plan and ensuring that our client’s expectations are exceeded brings me so much satisfaction at the end of the day. Currently, I am pursuing a major in History and a minor in Architecture at the University of Washington. 

Zoey, Top Dog

Born in Maine to a purebred American White Labrador Retriever, I’m most drawn to the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and enjoy a chic mountain aesthetic from my adventures chasing elk or chickens in Sun Valley, Idaho and Austria. From my cashmere covered down bed within our Madrona studio, I encourage clients and colleagues to embrace joy whenever possible.